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Справочник "Бизнес-Реклама"

Russian Magazine in Boston

  We would like to introduce a Russian Community Advertisement-Information Magazine to you. We publish a list of all the Russian companies in New England, articles, and a calendar of events. The magazine is distributed to Russian business offices (lawyers, doctors, etc.) and through direct mail to Russian customers all over New England. Currently our distribution list consists of 12,422 addressees.We cordially invite you to place your advertisement for a very affordable price.

  Our professional designers can create a unique and distinct display ad as well as an Internet banner.
  When you place your ad in our publication, it also will be automatically placed in (
  When you advertise with our magazine, your information will be published for FREE in the following servers: - "Business Catalog." The most complete business catalog of Russian businesses in America (more then 700 companies). - "Actual Subject." You can place an article about your business here.
  Our advertisers can place banners for $30 per 10,000 shows on the following websites: - Russian Network the USA. Informational portal.
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Advertisement Rates - Effective as of 01/01/2018
Display AdSizePrice
Full Page5.7" x 7.5"$250/mo
½ Page5.7" x 3.7"$140/mo
¼ Page2.8" x 3.7"$80/mo
1/8 Page2.75" x 1.8"$360/year
Discount coupon2.4" x 1.24"$90/3 months
Front Cover Page (Full Color)5.87" x 6.12"$700/mo
Inside Front Cover Page (Full Color)6.93" x 9.95"$550/mo
Inside Full Color Page 6.93" x 9.95"$400-$550/mo
Inside Back Cover Page (Full Color)6.93" x 9.95"$450/mo
Back Cover Page (Full Color)6" x 6.9"$600/mo
* Prices are affective with 6 months commitment

Classified AdSizePrice
25 words N/A$40  - 1 month
$90/3 months
$150/6 months

Full-year contract (in sequence) - 10% off
Half-year contract (in sequence) - 5% off
Free classified 15-word ad with any regular display ad

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