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Cafe Stoli - Brookline, MA - Boston, MA (Greater Boston area)
Cafe Stoli - pelmeni, vareniki, borscht, caviar, salmon, beef, chicken, sour cream, soft cheeses, fruits, pirozhkiWelcome to Cafe Stoli, where we treat our guests with Russian hospitality! Bring your friend to taste Russian pelmeni, vareniki, borscht, blini – crepes filled with caviar, salmon, beef, chicken, sour cream, soft cheeses, fruits, pirozhki (small pies) with assorted fillings, chicken Kiev, draniki (potato pancakes) golubtsy and many more. There are some places in Boston which you have to visit - Russian cafe Stoli is one of them. Russian cafe Stoli in Boston, MA is the place where you can simply have a bite or eat a full lunch or dinner, experience Russian Authentic cuisine, spend romantic evening or celebrate an anniversary, dance and enjoy a cup of traditional Russian tea from Stoli (special tea pot) with Russian pastries in a cozy, warm atmosphere. Russian cuisine is one of the most popular and widely spread in the world. Traditional Russian cuisine is a very important part of Russian national culture. We would like to introduce a Gourmet Russian cuisine in Boston, MA and outstanding service - come to visit us and you will not be disappointed!! Russian cafe Stoli – is one of the best restaurants in Boston, MA.

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Victor’s Cafe - Brookline, MA - Boston, MA (Greater Boston area)

Victor Cafe - catering and banquet services, entertainment, live music, good foodWould you like to taste Russian food in Boston, MA and Boston area restaurants?
Are you looking for a real Russian restaurant in Boston area?
You have already find the right place for your dining experience and a very tasty Russian food. Welcome to Victor’s cafe! This is a real Russian Restaurant in the very center of Boston, MA that serves Authentic Russian food. Borscht, lamb chops, just out of the oven potato pancakes, Russian pelmeni, Blini - crepes stuffed with smoked salmon, caviar. For dessert we recommend Russian blintzes with fresh fruits filling, sour cream, soft cheese and jam. Our homemade Russian food is enjoyed by everyone. Our Russian restaurant in Boston, MA takes pride in catering and banquet services. We provide the best Gourmet catering in Boston, Ma and the Greater Boston area. Victor’s cafe chefs are trained in classical Russian cuisine and other continental cuisines. They are experienced in providing meals for large banquets and family dining. Visit Victor’s cafe to find out more about Russian Gourmet Food and Russian traditional cuisine. It would be hard to find the friendlier place in Boston, MA than our Russian restaurant. The interior of our Russian restaurant helps to create relaxed home atmosphere. Small and simple dining room in Russian style is enhanced by fresh flowers, national decoration, tc. Wooden tables are draped with neat white tablecloths. If you are looking for entertainment, enjoy live music and have a passion to a good food – visit our Russian restaurant in Boston, MA!

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Restaurant "Assorti" - Sharon, MA - Stoughton, MA - Foxboro, MA - South of Boston area Restaurant “Assorti” - best Russian gourmet cuisine, birthday parties, anniversaries or family dinnersRestaurant “Assorti” is a very popular Russian restaurant in South of Boston area of Massachusetts. In a very warm and comfortable atmosphere you will enjoy a Russian gourmet food and outstanding service. The restaurant also serves Mediterranean and American food for lunch and dinner. The Russian restaurant just 30 minutes South of Boston, MA, located in Sharon, MA, invites you to experience a very traditional authentic Russian cuisine. The menu includes Russian favorites prepared by our famous chef. Our menu includes various appetizers, salads, the favorite Russian caviar, delicious soups, meat and fish dishes, tea, coffee and the tastiest desserts. We offer a large wine selection from Georgia and Moldova. We are ready to satisfy Americans also by offering lamb, beef fish on the grill, dishes for vegetarians, different kind of salads and delicious desserts. If you wish to celebrate a family event in our famous Russian restaurant we offer a best banquet menu of your choice. We offer one of the best Russian gourmet cuisine and catering South of Boston for your birthday parties, anniversaries or family dinners. We are conveniently located in Sharon, MA, just 30 minutes from Boston, Brookline, Needham, Newton, Watertown and in a very short distance from Canton, Stoughton, Walpole, Norwood, Foxboro, Dedham and other towns. You will not be disappointed! Come and enjoy Russian delicious food prepared with love and passion.
Call us at 781-793-0042 ask for Yakov
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Cafe Polonia - Boston , MA - (Greater Boston area) Cafe Polonia - Polish cuisine, potato dumplings, pancakes, stew, beet soups, wine, beer and Polish hospitalityCafe Polonia – Boston’s only Polish restaurant, features a rich menu of traditional and gourmet Polish and Eastern European specialties. A unique furnishings and decor create a very cozy atmosphere which reminds a country house in the mountain region of Poland. Polish cuisine traditions date back hundreds of years. Potatoes, cabbage, beets, grains are the ingredients for almost every Polish dish. Famous potato dumplings, pancakes, cheese and potato with onions pierogi, stuffed cabbage, stew, beet soups – are the favorites for every family dinner or celebration. Polish cuisine is also famous for meat dishes. Roasts, wild games, geese, pork, different kind of ham are often part of the menu for special occasions, holidays, celebrations. We are working hard to keep Polish traditional home-cooking alive that our quests from all over New England can enjoy our delicious food, have a glass of good wine, beer and Polish hospitality. Featuring lunch and dinner daily and a Polka brunch on weekends, Cafe Polonia is the perfect place to visit any time of the day. Our specials feature even more regional and lesser known specialties; some of the food here is Ukrainian, or Slovak- or Hungarian-influenced. Come to visit our Polish restaurant in South Boston, MA and you will not soon forget this unique experience.
Call us at 617-269-0110 ask for Teddy
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Hofbrauhaus - West Springfield, MA

Hofbrauhaus - Traditional Bavarian food: Lunch, Dinner, Brunch, Wiener Schnitzel, Schnitzel Holstein, Pork Goulash, Sauerbraten, fish,scallops, shrimps, soups and salads.Hofbrauhaus – is Western Massachusetts’ premier fining dining restaurant, serves Bavarian and International cuisine. Premier draught and bottled European beer selection Over 300 exceptional bottled vintages Traditional Bavarian architecture and authentic cuisine.
The Hofbrauhaus was established in 1935 and started out as a fine dining establishment, went through transformation and was reopen again in 70-th. Upon entering the establishment you’ll notice immediately a change from traditional New England architecture. Using your sense of sight, you’ll notice the relaxed, fine dining, in the classic tradition. A bit of Old Bavaria in New England. The sights, sounds, and tastes of Old World Bavaria at the Hofbrauhaus. Where the staff is dressed in traditional attire, the beer is served in steins, and the European atmosphere is festive and inviting. Hofbrauhaus offers Lunch, Dinner, Brunch on Sundays, Off site catering services are also available. Various Rooms at the Hofbrauhaus, festively decorated, are available for on-site events. We can accommodate parties from 10 to 150 in one of our private rooms, each with it's own Bavarian decor. Traditional Bavarian food Wiener Schnitzel, Schnitzel Holstein, Pork Goulash, Sauerbraten along with fish,scallops, shrimps, soups and salads are served. Wine list contains large varieties of German, American wine and beer and beer from Czech Republic. Please come and enjoy perfectly served and prepared with love food in our warm and cozy atmosphere.
Call us at 413 737-4905 ask for John
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Restaurant Vernissage - Brookline,MA

  Experience the world of Russian delicious cuisine! Try something new! Taste something you never ate before! Come to our Russian restaurant in Brookline, MA! You will experience something extraordinary! Taste Russian food in Boston, MA and we are sure you will be impressed by its specialty!

  We are happy to provide our customers with various menu, consisting of traditional Russian food in Boston area. Try our Russian dishes, which are famous all over the world: pelmeni (meat dumplings), borsch, solyanka, crepes with caviar, mushrooms and other stuffing, salmon and much, much more.

  Your dinner,lunch or banquet will be unforgettable! That is why Russian dining in Boston, MA, is becoming very popular nowadays. We would like to offer you all different kind of dishes you always wanted to try! Now you have got a very special chance! You will never find such a great variety of food prepared based on Russian recipes in Boston, MA. We highly recommend to try the following Russian dishes: Pan fried potato with Chanterelle mushrooms. It's delicious!

  You can visit our Russian restaurant in Brookline, MA for an ordinary dinner or for a special occasion, like anniversary, birthday party, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah or other celebrations, we will be glad to serve you on your wedding day also.

  You will find here not only Classical Russian menu, but also typical European cuisine in Boston, MA. You won't leave our place hungry - there is a choice for every taste and price range. We serve various dishes of European food in Boston, MA, and it's very popular. Do not miss this great opportunity, invite your loved ones, friends, relatives and stop by!

  On Thursdays our customers will have a chance to listen to Jazz music. That will make your dinner more pleasurable. Life music on Sundays, Saturdays and Fridays will accompany your presence here.

  If you want to try traditional Russian food in Boston area, MA, you should come to our restaurant! Experience our hospitality, relax in the cozy atmosphere and enjoy your favorite music and the best Russian recipes in Boston, MA! Russian Dining in Boston is a good opportunity to try something new and enjoy Russian delicacies.
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