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Mathematics Schools in Boston Area
MetroWest School of Mathematics (MWSM)

(Affiliate of Russian School of Mathematics)

  MWSM offers an after school educational program for children in grades K-12. Children of all levels and ages can enroll MWSM independently on their levels and ages. Our program, based on the best Math curriculum from Russian School of Mathematics.   If your children want to take mathematics tutoring in Boston, Welcome to MWSM!

  Help Wanted MetroWest School of Mathematics in Framingham, MA (an Affiliate of Russian School of mathematics) is recruiting Math teachers for grades K-5 (part time) and 6-12 (part time). Successful applicants must be committed to excellence in math education, must love children and enjoy their company. We look for serious teaching in a fun and casual working environment. Training in teaching our unique program is available. Experience in tutoring and SAT prep is a plus Familiarity with European math education is an extra bonus.
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Math Education School

  A perfect math tutoring has established a parallel system of math education, building basic math skills as well as offering advanced math studies. We utilize the most effective European systems of Math Education for mathematics tutoring in Boston, providing the meaningful educational experiences in a stimulating and nurturing atmosphere for math education and math thinking. Math education makes us unique!
  A systematic approach to Math education viewing Mathematics as an integrated discipline. We support the most effective interaction between teacher and student by keeping math classes very small. Students are divided into groups according to their Math grade, level and abilities. Each group has 2 hours sessions twice a week. In suitable case our teachers give a private instructions and private math lessons for students. We strongly believe that a thoughtful and varied math practice is an indispensable learning tool.
  Our math study program, an essential supplement to the existing educational system, has a high expectation for student performance and active student participation. This program includes a variety of courses from the beginning (numbers and counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) to elementary mathematics (introduction to algebra and geometry) followed by algebra 1-3, 2D and 3D geometry and finishes by elements of Calculus, college and SAT preparation. It encourages students to present their own analysis of a sample math problems, Math concept or problem solving.
  If You want to build a good Math Foundation for your child's successful future, - contact us:
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Studio of Engaging Learning
(Math Study Studio)

  Our studio was created in Brookline, MA 4 years ago to help parents who want to give their children a better education than is provided by the majority of schools. Our curriculum combines the best of Russian, American, and European logical and thinking developmental programs. Our approach works universally well for any child - because it is targeted to the child's individual ability and background. A Founder and Director of the Studio, - Larisa Itina - has over 20 years in experience of teaching mathematics to children of different ages - from kindergarten to high school. She developed and perfected the unique methodology used in our studio so that mathematics teachers and parents can use this methods themselves.
  What also should not be forgotten is that mathematical ability and knowledge are nowadays the most important for SAT and college preparation. The goals of math tutoring and math education processes are to help your child love the process of learning and to teach your child reasoning, math thinking, problem solving and logical skills in early childhood in a playful and fun way.
  We teach children the basics of mathematics, computational skills, word problems, logical and analytical reasoning; we develop spatial imagination and an understanding of geometry by using numerous design and mosaic sets as Sample math problems.
  Our Studio accepts all students in grades K through 4 (elementary school), who'll study numbers and counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, introduction to geometry and some elements of algebra. We offer small math classes of no more than 5 students. Class meets once a week for 60 min. Each group will be learning via the program carefully designed for the individual group. The system of in-class exercises and homework is set up in a way adapted to each individual child's level. We offer private instruction for homework and private mathematics lessons.
  We ask for parental partnership and involvement in the learning process. We will try to develop the full potential of your student. Contact us for any question!
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First School of Mathematics (FSM)

  An after school and weekend enrichment program has been adjusted to students of K-12 grades for comprehensive education. We offer math classes, tutoring, homework help and SAT tests preparation for students of any level. Our students take advanced level math classes, successfully pass SAT tests thus are enrolled to the top Colleges and Universities anywhere in the world.
  We teach the understanding of the material instead of memorizing it to develop consistent math thinking, reasoning capabilities and math problem solving skills. A math class sizes don't exceed of 10 students. Our curriculum is original and was developed by the famous math teachers and Methodists specifically for FSM.
  Founder of FSM and full time math teacher Dr. Victor Lisyanoy holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics. The Famous high schools professors have been invited for math education and mathematics tutoring in Boston: math studies and math practice, private instructions and private mathematics lessons, SAT and college preparation and more.
  Program of elementary math course is designed to develop the basic arithmetic and analytical skills: numbers and counting, measurements, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, sample math problems. The main emphasis is logical reasoning and math thinking.
  Introduction to Algebra and Geometry are first entered in the next course. Complete courses of algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus are offered for older children. This math education directs our students to college preparation. All math studies are based on intensive math practice.
  Welcome to the First School of Mathematics, BROOKLINE, MA! Contact us for any questions to receive more information.
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