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Market watch, Tech-sector

maxcore 2004

Since my last market update last Thursday, Market hasn't shown any significant signs of upward potential but did show plenty of hesitation and loss of bullish strength which made me to decide to close all my positions, take profits and wait on the sidelines until things clear up. However, despite last Thursday's and Friday's drops some analysts still hope that market will keep on rising throughout the whole next week hoping that momentum will still keep pushing stocks higher ending this year in the positive territory. i tend to think otherwise, therefore, i prefer just to wait and to watch what next week will be like and then make my moves later.

maxcore 2004

Guys, if you're still holding your longs and hoping that market will rebound again then i'm afraid you could be very wrong ,in fact, now is your last chance to get out, otherwise you'll get wiped out within the next two, or three days. Don't make BULLS to do what they don't want ! If BULLS say no, that means NO! I'm glad i'm not an oak! :)

maxcore 2004

Looks like some buying activity in Tech-sector this morning is sparking up market for a higher run, just broke above its morning high ,that means, there could be some profitable trades in the late afternoon.

maxcore 2004

Momentum is all that Market has left . I don't think it will last too long . Will keep my eye on it till beggining of the new year and then we'll see.

maxcore 2004

Well,Well,Well. Looks like my predictions did come true. when all analysts on wall street were cheering up market's upswings before the yearend and hoping for the same beggining in the new year, i knew something was wrong.

Most traders today greated a new market year with a brief bidding flurry Monday, then retired to the safety of the sidelines to wait seasonal inflows of sidelined cash.

I'm glad i took my profits earlier this morning and now waiting to get back in as soon as market resumes its uptrend.

maxcore 2004

Selling off on Wall Street is in full swing. Traders locking up thier profits in expectations of more economic data to be released this friday and also an outlook for upcoming earnings season in Tech-sector. i closed my longs too and now just waiting for the market to resume its uptrend.

Some analysts held up today's sell-off as a warning sign for the increasingly complacent market. I tend to desagree.

News that factory orders rose by 1.2% in November sent crude oil fly above $42 a barrel and spurred bargain hunting in the energy sector.

The U.S.-Dollar is showing some strenth keeping Gold hunters on pause in anticipation of further decline. Rodhium looks like is about to start to move higher.

maxcore 2004

stocks were trading lower today as AMD sales outlook and disappointing Alcoa results weigh on Wall street. all attention is on INTC, it supposed to report results right after market close. so far markets are pointed lower, if downtrend will persist i will have to close my longs.

maxcore 2004

Doing my market analysis tonight for tomorrow's opening and it's all looks like we going to have a nice session.

Majority of earnings reports in tech-sector on Wednesday were coming up nicely served by optimism followed by mostly an up-bit outlook in most companies. All that transformed into real buying action that drove markets mostly higher and ended up the third day of the week in the positive territory! I just love it!

There is however, a lot of companies are due to report their results next week and the week after but I'm already noticing some signs of growing buying interest among investors and traders and that tells me that we may have a few days in the green. That's what i 'm waiting for .

maxcore 2004

Well guys, brace yourselves for another big surge of Q4 earnings reports which brings to us next week along with some economic data that will effect markets but not as much as companies results themselves.

Based on my information from my weekly report, most companies are looking forward to surprise Wall Street with an up-beat numbers and outlook, including

Tech-Giants such as IBM, MOT,YHOO,EBAY, GM,GE,LU. Last Friday market closed a bit higher in anticipations of good news , what will happen with the market next week nobody knows but so far it's all being looking OK.

maxcore 2004

Market keeps gapping up for the second session in a raw, that means the bulls are slowly taking over the battlefield! i ussualy consider that king of activity bullish and expect continuation of an uptrend in the comming days, unless some negative news will change it's course but so far markets look pretty steady.


More good news from the tech. front.

Texas Instruments ,Flextronics ,Blue chip SBC Communications, Kodak and a brighter outlook from Oracle , have inspired investors to step off the side lines and poure some cash in to tech-sector.

Majority of leading companies have already reported their Q4 results except for the CSCO, the company is set to announce results on the 8th. of February.

The picture is starting to get more clear as to what direction market will be leaning to for the next few months, although, not all secotrs will remain bullish that means you should choose them carefuly!

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