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maxcore 2004

IVAN- Long at @ 2.61

ATAR-Long @ 2.84 (Possible break out)

Nop, Market is not making it. i thought that earlier gap would keep it going but it looks like Bulls don't wanna dance. Atar-Sold at 2.80 keeping an eye on IVAN

maxcore 2004

ATAR- just has hit its support level at 2.72, there could be a nice rebound later on. the stock has very strong technicals. However, if it breaks below 2.72-2.70 you should sell. I'm in again at 2.73. let's see what happens. Keeping an eye on IVAN

ATAR- Still sitting on its support level, if tomorrow morning it starts sinking below that mark, I'm out. The stock has a good base for a momentum rally that's what I'm in for. it's a totally deferent play ,has nothing to do with my usual Trend spotting strategy which works only when market's starting to rise but what we saw today was a typical momentum rally which may carry over into tomorrow's opening.

IVAN- was showing some mild buying action but not a lot, still trading above support - 150-154,(good sign) if dips below that range I'm out. Most oil stocks today were showing good gains- an extended rally from yesterday, that's why i think IVAN has a good chance for a rally.

maxcore 2004

ATAR- Sold @ 2.75

IVAN-Sold @ 2.58

Will get back to trading sometime next year. when market will resume its uptrend.

trying deferent Index. RCO- is a an AMEX traded security, BUY @ 3.25 let's see what happens . the stock had very good cash flow this morning.

Nop, market's got not fuel for stocks . close all your longs and relax till next year.

maxcore 2004

I wanted to post a pic of mine for discussion: NDN 99cents store only. It has been hit hard by, what I think is a softening in the position of low income shoppers, and it had a driver strike to resolve. But since last friday the stike got resolved and there is an update in the management. I got in at $15.24. it is now at 16.33, closing on the high of the day, so I look for more gains!

Hey Max, did you see IPIX today? one of 10 biggest gainers at 15.8%! What gives?

maxcore 2004

The stock technicaly looks Ok, but you have to be careful, because what i see now, it's got stuck at its new resistance level which stands @ 16.26, if it won't break above that target then your long could at risk, if you'd ask me whether today is a good time to buy this stock i'd probably say wait and watch. Check out my baby today! VDM. that's a real ass kicker!!!!!!!! making me some Cash. I will keep this long throughout holidays.

IPIX- did jack up pretty high but i usualy don't get impressed by that, because the stock is still trending down and it's still losing its cash flow, it might take a while for this stock to recuporate its uptrend.

NDN-The stock is forming, if you still interested in it you may buy today 50%, then add more as soon as it clears my ressistance target.

PRW-Bought today at 2.31( the stock is trending up, beggining of an early move) You could still buy this stock tomorow morning)

KOR-The stock is forming new trend , was starting its early move today, there is no ressistance levels on the way up. there is also a great chance for an early breakout.

If you've bougth it ,then i STRONGLY recommend to hold on to it untill my next update !!!

ATAR- Keeping an eye on it for a possible entry.

maxcore 2004

well, it looks like investors started new year by locking thier short-term profits , mixed economic data and some minor worries over the falling dollar sent markets lower in today's earlier session. I took some profits this morning too.

PRW-Sold at 2.98 . KOR- Pos. Still opened. Still watching ATAR for a possible entry .Fun Trading everyone! NDN-The stock is under market's selling pressure, it is would be risky to own it at this time. Close your long and wait untill market resumes its upswing.

maxcore 2004

Hey all, Happy new year! I just got back from NY (got to go see the BULL on Wall St -its got a shiny head and balls!)

Are you banking on middle east peace with KOR? I know there is a new palestenian leader and all but still :0

maxcore 2004

WHY KOR? first of all, technicaly, the stock looks spectucular. Secondary, the company makes more money than it worth. Thirdly, Today market was showing very nice patterns of a rebound suggesting that tomorrow we could have another day in the green!

For the same reasons i bought CPTH. I closed the month of January a bit early due to recent increased volatility in markets but today we saw signs of the beginning of a rebound rally and if it continues the way i plan into tomorrow then it won't last longer than a week, that's why I'm in. didn't wanna miss the train.

I think I'm getting addicted to it but I'm freaking loving it!

maxcore 2004

Time to do some rearangements in my longs.

Sold CPTH at 1.19 taking a total loss of 33.9% (position was divided in two parts that means it didn't burn a lot of cash)There is nothing wrong with the stock ,but it will take sometime untill i'll be buying it again.

As of today i have opened three new positions, all from oil-sector.

Bought ATPG@ 20.49 / Bought SNG @ 1.74 / Bought FDEI.OB@ 0.88

maxcore 2004

One of the stocks i hold, (DROOY)- was effected by the negative news this morning, I sold 50% at 1.23, now waiting for a possible rebounce back up to the price i've originaly bought it at 1.47. then will exit my long even. if the stock keeps dropping further down then it will hit my stop-loss at 0.99

maxcore 2004

For those who bought NPO at the day of my recommendation. Today was a good time to expand your long by adding more shares and lift your stop-losses up to 28.49.

Today the stock established new monthly high at 29.42, that means the stock was under consistant buyers pressure. I DO NOT OWN THIS STOCK but my recommendation remains in tact.

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