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Green Card
i-751 question for lawyer or kto tochno znaet  danil
   filling out form I-751 to remove temp. status (zhenat na grazhdanke usa) question- how many letters from affidavits are needed and should they be notarized? also on page 2 of I751 in part 4 my wife's alien # has to be entered no u nei on citizenship certificate est 2 numbers one on top of certificat and one below that says "ins registration # a7....." and it has 8 digit , which one do i enter and should letter "a" be included if thats the #? bolshoe spasibo vam
   Lev Kobrin
   Response for: danil at 5/9/2004 11:35:00 PM
Вам уже ответили.
Лев Кобрин - имя, которому верят!!!
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