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Internship. Нужен квалифицированный совет


Я подаю документы в американскую компанию, занимающующся поиском стажировок.

My major is "Electrical Engineering, Applied Computer Science" (russian Master's Degree) which is reasonably hard to find. I have a chance to intern in the field of Computer Science (not in Electrical Engineering). However, I worry that visa officials may not proceed my student visa J1 if the internship does not precisely match my major. Although CS is related to my background it is not my actual major.

Как вы думаете дадут ли визу в этом случае?

Iv 2004

As longs as "Computer science" is listed in your major name, that shouldn't be an issue. You may want to bring to the embassy your transcript with highlignted CS courses (that would be a good idea in any event).

Guest 2004

Yes, last 2 years at school I had many CS subjects, which are in my transcript. However, "Computer Science" is NOT listed in my major name, it is my specialization. My diploma thesis is also very close to CS and IT. An internship company will probably offer me a CS and/or IT position in a company that is not engaged in EE. What do you think?

Pervoklashka 2004

As long as the company is willing and have the ability to accept you for the internship period, and as long as the number of visas given this year is not up yet, you should be all set.

Guest 2004

Internship Bulletin indicates that Learning and Training Plan is necessarily to be in the field of Major. This year in your message - 2005?

В общем контракт-то мне дадут, не смотря на то что он соответствует только специализации (не специальности). Вопрос в том, как к этому отнесется консул в посольстве. Если я ему объясню, что для моей диссертации, которая связана с применением IT в Electrical Engineering мне и нужна эта IT стажировка, хоть она и не имеет отношения к EE.

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