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friends  maxim
   My name is Maxim. I am 26, Russian living in Sant-Peterburg and I work as an engineer in a small building company. I would like to find any friends living in USA until 30 for writing. I am interested in this because I learn Russian history and I did not see any examples when USA ever tried to create a war with Russian this makes me think that people living in USA are quite friendly or at least not hostile. I also know that Americans may produce many things of the excellent quality which serves long and costs cheaper than same in Europe. This also improve USA in my eyes. I used to hear from our political workers what USA populated with pervert inside persons. I don’t know much about USA but admit that it can be in exception not like this for all. If there is anyone real who does not mind associating with me for developing the USA - Russia partnership write me down on e- mail by addres:
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