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English Tutor, Brookline-Newton (Boston area)
  Is your native language not ENGLISH?
  Are you interested in taking private English classes to learn it?
  An ESL teacher from Boston area is available to you!
  Private English teacher in Brookline-Newton (Boston area)! A native speaker of English who is a university instructor with over 20 years of English-teaching experience. She gives lessons in business English, TOEFL preparation, grammar, conversation, speaking, listening, writing, and reading.
  As a ESL English tutor she has also taught SAT-preparation courses, business English, TOEFL preparation to international students.
  Private English classes are affordable and tailored to individual students' needs. Private English tutor designs her English classes just for you, whether you're a student or an immigrant eager to study English.
  She lives in Brookline, MA and will travel to local students' houses if necessary (Chestnut Hill, Newton, West Roxbury, Brighton, Allston, Jamaica Plain, Wellesley).

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