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Dental service in Watertown

  Your smile is your visiting card. Whenever you smile, you always want to look brilliant. A confident smile says everything for you and helps to meet new friends and be successful at work. Beautiful and healthy teeth are a dream that everyone has. Nowadays technologies can make your teeth look wonderful in a blink of an eye.

  Our 'All Dental Center' in Watertown offers a vast variety of services such as:

  • Prophylactic and therapeutical dental cleanings, including implant maintenance;
  • Cosmetic white fillings for the front and back teeth;
  • Different types of crowns, including cosmetic "metal-free" ones;
  • Different methods of tooth/teeth replacements, such as porcelain bridges, removable partial and full dentures, implants, and many more.

      You can get a full service in one place - our 'All Dental Center', which is definitely convenient for everyone. It has very friendly atmosphere that all your family will like.

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      'All Dental Center' in Watertown uses only high-tech equipment that has been fully tested. We have intraoral camera that allows patients to see their mouth and discuss teeth's problems with a dentist. We have DVD presentations that give our patients a full education of dental procedures.

      'All Dental Center' is among a little number of those centers that offer a BriteSmile™ investment. It allows us to get your teeth whitened as many our clients everywhere in the world have already did.

      Invisible Braces 'Invisalign™' is a wonderful technology that straightens your teeth without a need to wear traditional braces. It uses a series of aligners that move teeth to the desired positions. Invisalign™ is available in our 'All Dental Center' in Watertown and Waltham.

      Our Cosmetic Dentistry has an option to 'preview' what your smile will be like. Cosmetic Dentistry can reshape your teeth, veneers or bonding, natural-looking tooth-colored fillings and bleaching.

      We offer a variety of complex procedures. Our dentists can replace any of your teeth with implants that will provide you an extra stability, confidence and comfort.

      'All Dental Center' has a great number of specialists - endodonists, prosthodontics and orthodontics. Our dentists perform various procedures, find the cause of oral and facial pain that is hard to diagnose, have advanced surgical and nonsurgical skills that make us uniquely qualified to treat routine as well as complex cases and many more.

      Whenever you want to get a brilliant and sparkling smile, get implants and make your mouth look better in general, come to our 'All Dental Center' in Watertown!

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    Invisalign™ is available for you in Watertown and Waltham in our "All Dental Center"

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