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Medical supplies Boston MA

At All American Home Aid, Inc. we are glad to offer you a great range of various medical equipment and home medical supplies to help you maintain good health and have quality life at home.

  Our stores are situated in Brigton, MA and we serve most of the Boston area including Boston, Ashland, Allston, Cambridge, Dedham, Framingham, Newton, Natick, Marblehead, Watertown, Salem, Swampscott and many others.

  To ensure your safe stay at home we order or have in stock different types of hospital beds and medical supplies designed to help you say home as long as possible and feel comfortable and very secure. Regular or electric hospital beds, mattresses with low air losses or special gel mattresses and many other items are available at All American Home Aid, Inc. All these high quality products are comfortable and reliable.

  For people with sitting or walking disability we have different models of wheelchairs in Boston area in stock and other devices that can give mobility and independence. You can easily choose from several types of wheelchairs - from pretty simple manually propelled devices to really complex motorized wheelchairs or scooters.

  Our stuff is always ready to assist you to choose the right device suitable for your needs whether it is a walkers or state of the art ultra lightweight wheelchair. You can also choose devices of various manufacturers like Drive, Invacare or Complete medical. You will be able to find the device that suits both your mobility needs and your budget.

  For transferring patient from wheelchair to bed and back special assistive devices are needed. All American Home Aid, Inc. stores provide various types and models of hoyer lifts in Brookline area. All items of lifting equipment represented at All American Home Aid, Inc. are durable and reliable tools for medical stuff and family members taking care of a patient.

  All American Home Aid, Inc. is also a place where you can buy various support product like back braces near Boston, Brookline, Salem, knee braces, elastic stockings, ankle or back support and many others.

  On today's market of home medical supplies you can find different types of devices for people with breathing problems like sleep apnea. One of such items for sleep apnea treatment is called CPAP or BiPAP machine and it uses extra pressure for breathing assistance.

  All of these items of home medical equipment in Newton, Boston, available for people with lung disorders or similar problems at All American Home Aid, Inc. stroes.

  One type of medical supply devices that is widely used these days is a special item for measuring blood sugar level. Glucometer is an essential part of diabetic lifestyle. The variety of available devices is huge and our professional home medical supplies in Boston area specialists will help you to make the right choice among all the models of glucometers and all others home care products that All American Home Aid, Inc. offers.

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